Mahisagar Jillafer Badli Seniority list

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Mahisagar Jillafer Badli Seniority list: From one district to another, Mahisagar District will be shifted one way to Camp: Very Soon.

If you have any objection regarding the published list here, then along with documentary evidence in the prescribed format, the District Primary Education Officer\’s office, on the date, will be required to apply for written 15:00 hours on the date of the panchayat. The objection made after the deadline Will not be taken into account.

You will not be able to make a claim for the name from the name published here, the objection to the objection requests will be changed by the rank of the seniority.

List of teachers coming from district fair to Mahesana Jillafer Badli Seniority list, and to be present at the camp, please contact the name of the caller in the list below given to your name. You have been sent from today\’s controller PDF.

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Mahisagar Jillafer Badli Seniority list